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About us

We are a group of like-minded individuals who have a passion for Motorsport and in particular, Supercars!

Our members live throughout Europe and Andorra,  and many of them own one or more supercars. However,  this is not obligatory to be a member of the 'Andorra Supercar Rally' fraternity. What's more important is that our members have true love and admiration for high performance motor cars and driving them.

We organise an annual Supercar Rally to specific destinations within Europe.  We not only drive the fastest and best supercars on the planet, but we also enjoy the finest hotels & restaurants along the way! 
With specially organised activities & events embedded within the programme,  the Andorra Supercar Rally truly is a superb event exclusive to a select few.


The number of Cars & Rally Participants is deliberately kept low in number, to maintain a level of quality and control.

We welcome you to our world and invite you to join our Club...

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